Primary Poems

Primary Poems - Overview

Primary Poems uses a WordPress plugin I developed to automatically reformat post content into poetry style typography

Primary Poems is a teaching resource for primary school teachers intended to be used as a classroom aid on an interactive whiteboard.

The site uses a WordPress plugin I wrote called Poemize to automatically reformat the post to look like a poem.

Primary Poems is still very much a work in progress. My original idea for the site had been to present the poetry formatted like traditional poetry anthologies. In the end we decided this wasn’t right for the target audience so we moved to using a font which looks more like the hand writing you’re taught in primary school. I’d still like to use the original poetry idea somewhere else. My biggest aim at the moment is to learn how to do really high quality typography on-line. I think the key problem with CMS in general and the reason I like is the focus on the importance of the text in terms of the content, what it looks like and how it effects the structure of the page.