The Flying V-ish

It’s taken a long time but I’ve finally got around to starting my next guitar build. Carolyn bought me a flying-v-type kit from with a book-matched veneer top so I’ve been trying to figure out how to finish it to do justice to the wood figuring.

I’ve spent a bizarre amount of time on YouTube watching videos from about different wood-stain techniques.

What I decided to go with is an under-stain to emphasise the grain pattern. So with some stains from above mentioned Crimson I’ve been doing some stain tests on old cut-offs from putting up some shelves. What I’ve ended up with is this:

It’s a black stain sanded down so the black sits in the grain with a blue stain on top.

This is unfinished. With oil on top it’ll shine and it looks almost iridescent.

So with a last bit of sanding I think I’m finally ready to start on the guitar.

The body and the stain test.